Glitter Vinyl
Glitter Vinyl

How to Cut Iron on Glitter Vinyl

The more you get into DYE projects using vinyl, the more you realize it’s difficult to stop and not to use all the new technology is bringing  to the table.

For instance, if you plan to get some help from Cricut Iron-On Glitter, you may personalize your T-shirts, home décor, bags, club wear…you name it. You may create cute letters, various shapes and designs and let the new easy heat transfer material do its job.

How to cut iron-on glitter using a Cricut

You need to begin by placing the Iron-on sheet, liner side down, onto your Cricut Standard Grip cutting mat.

cutting iron on glitter using a Cricut

The second step to take is to adjust your machine settings so that it matches the Iron-on Kiss Cut Guide. Note to self: a kiss cut is a cut that goes through the iron-on film, leaving the liner whole.

Now it’s time to select and decide the size of the images you want to cut. Keep in mind to flip all images before you actually cut them, so that they appear backwards (mirror image).

You continue but loading the mat into your machine and simply cut the images, you selected.

Keep in mind some application tips

If you want your design to stick for a long time, it’s important that you follow some important rules for the application.

No matter how boring you may find them, be patient and read all the application instructions. You do need to pre-heat, heat and also post-heat your images for just the right time. This way, the iron-on material is set into the fibers of your item onto which you’re ironing.

Always make sure that you’re applying the iron-on material to a clean item. Play it safe and pre-wash your item before applications. It may be that your item has been treated with some special chemicals so that the colors are more vibrant. It’s important that you do remove these chemicals before applying iron-on. Stay away from the fabric softener when you’re pre-washing your items.

Another good thing about pre-washing is that it minimizes risk for shrinking.

It’s essential not to layer any iron-on material over glitter iron-on. It may look like the iron-on to be fine, but the moment you wash them, the material on top of the glitter layer is going to peel away. You may, though, layer glitter iron-on if you put on top of iron-on lite.

Stay on the safe side and teste a piece of Cricut Iron-on in an unnoticeable area of your item before you actually apply it.

How to actually do it

  1. Remove negative Cricut Iron-on film so that the cut image you want is left on the liner. Some call this phase “weeding”. Get some help from the weeding tool that you should be able to find in your Cricut Tool Kit. It’s saving you some time and effort altogether.
  2. Check to see that the steam setting is OFF (if your iron has that) and set the iron to the Cotton/Linen setting.
  3. Preheat the designated area of your material in which you’re going to apply the cut image for no longer than 15 seconds.
  4. Place your weeded image, liner side up, unto the material that you’ve just preheated. Press it a bit with the iron for 30 seconds or so.
  5. Flip the material over and press again the iron to the back of your material. 30 seconds top also.
  6. Give it around 2 minutes to cool down and remove lining afterwards.

Extra-tip: use a press cloth over the top of your material to protect the base material from the heat of your iron.

Some application rules also

It’s always better to use ironing boards that have some light cushioning. You don’t want the surface to be too padded; the firmer the surface, the better the results.

We’ve already let this one go, but why not double check? Use a press cloth or any other piece of cotton over line side of your material so that your project isn’t ruined in the middle of it.

In some cases, it’s possible of a portion of the image not to stick. Stress no more and replace the liner over the film, re-ironing the piece for just 10 seconds.

Too much heat isn’t good for vinyl so only use the Cotton/Linen setting of the iron for better results. Last, but not least, never layer on top of Glitter Iron-on!

Take care of your projects

Once you’re done with your project, you may also pay some attention when taking care of it.

Therefore, it’s wise to wash and dry the embellished item inside-out. Check it from time to time to see if some areas seem to come off after washing.

If so, don’t despair! You just need to re-iron the material in place, going over the application instructions once again.

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