The AlMighty Cell Phone Holder

We’ve all been there! I can’t find my cell phone. If you’re lucky, you can have a loved one or friend call your cell phone number as you listen for the ring or music tone and search the area in hopes of finding it. You backtrack through the house retracing your steps and may even end up searching through your car to find it. Cell phone holders were invented to avoid these harrowing times.

The most popular cell phone holder for guys is the one that attaches to your belt and is made like a holster for a gun. The phone rings or plays music and you draw it out of its holster, and you’re ready to talk away. You can choose clip-on holders or swivel type holders that attach to your belt or pants pocket, and these can swivel a full 360 degrees without losing your phone. There are several different cell phone holder styles to choose from, and you will find the one that’s exactly right for you.

A lot of women prefer cell phone holders that hook to their purse, making it very convenient to receive or make a call anywhere. You can also choose a holder that is built inside your purse or wallet (or cell phone stand for desk ) and these usually are made like a pouch with a metal snap lock top for easy access. These built-in holders inside the purse or pocketbook make it very convenient to accept calls, and you know exactly where your cell phone is at all times.

Most cell phone holders are made with a top closure that stays securely closed by a magnet or a metal snap allowing you free access to your phone when you need it. The bottom of the cell phone holder is usually sealed closed although some have a snap bottom so your cell phone stays secure and won’t fall out.

There are many many many different fun styles to choose from like cute little chairs that hold your phone while it’s charging. There is also a full line of cute animals that hold your cell. They also make a full line of cell phone holders that look like little racing seats too.

Hands-free cell phone holders that allow you to talk without holding your cell phone when driving a vehicle are very popular now. This is very important because in some areas talking on a cell phone or sending text messages while driving is illegal. You can even get a cell phone holder that attaches to your vehicle’s dash or windshield. The choices now are as endless as your imagination!

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James Bond Sunglasses – A Style That Is Class Apart

Every part of the James Bond series is a classic trend-setter in its own way, even if it’s just the sunglasses. In every Bond movie, 007 dons a number of cool, sleek and stylish looking sunglasses; these become an instant fashion accessory among males all around the world. So, the fact that you are a Bond fan who wants to grab a pair of similar sunglasses is not at all surprising.

Here is all the information you need about James Bond sunglasses to help you decide which one you should get.

Persol 2720

Persol seems to be a favorite of Bond; why else do you see him wearing it often? In the movie Casino Royale, the stylish pair of sunglasses Daniel Craig’s Bond wore was Persol 2720. These glasses were worn by in the second part of the story when he was going on a few adventures. So, if that’s the look you want to go with, now you know which pair to order.

Persol 2244

Again in Casino Royale, Bond wore another stylish model by Persol, the 2244. Worn at the beginning of the movie, theses metal frames were very stylish and a favorite among most men. If you want to get another famous Bond look, you can go with this pair of Persol.

Persol 2672

Daniel Craig isn’t the only James Bond to enjoy Persol sunglasses. During Die Another Day, Persol, Pierce Brosnan sported a pair of Persol PE-2672-S that was specifically designed for his character. These sunglasses were stylish, elegant and sophisticated, combining together the qualities of Bond and Persol.

Tom Ford 108

Another brand you can often see Mr. Bond wearing is Tom Ford, which is quite stylish, simple and sleek. In the movie The Quantum of Solace, James Bond wore a pair of the 108 model by Tom Ford, making them a rage among fashion lovers right away.

Tom Ford Marko TF 144

In the most recent movie of the James Bond series, Skyfall, James Bond can be seen wearing another pair by Tom Ford; this time the model was Marko TF 144. These James Bond sunglasses were so favored by Daniel Craig that he was often found wearing them off the set as well; and we can say he carried them off with perfect poise and confidence.

Cartier Vendome Santos

While this pair was not exactly worn by James Bond Himself, you can still see them as a part of the Bond franchise. The Cartier Vendome Santos in gold was worn by Max Zorin when he went to meet Bond in A View to Kill. Regardless of his role, you have to admit that he was looking as sleek and stylish as Bond with these on.

Ray Ban RB4122

When it comes to stylish eyewear, how can you miss out on Ray Ban? In Die Another Day, a bold, thick-framed stylish model of Ray Ban sunglasses was worn by Miranda Frost while shooting at the Buckingham Place.

Calvin Klein 2007

In The World is Not Enough, you can see James Bond wearing a pair of Calvin Klein’s 2007 model in the scene where Bond ski chases Elektra. These sunglasses were so stylish and charming that till this day this model by CK is still in demand.

Blue Tinted Black Framed Sunglasses

Another pair of James Bond sunglasses that gained instantaneous popularity were the blue-colored X-Ray specs that were worn by Bond in The World is Not Enough. To date, the brand name of these sunglasses is unknown, but they still are one of the most sought after models worn by Bond in the movies.

So, depending on which one of Bond’s looks was your personal favorite, you can grab a pair of these sunglasses to complement it right away.

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