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Poor Positioning of Your CCTV Cameras- Does It Matter That Much?

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to CCTV cameras is poor positioning. Not installing your cameras in the right places may compromise the whole performance of your CCTV system, leading to wasting your money and losing your security too.

Let’s go over the best place where you should install your CCTV cameras. Even if not all the places are going to be 100% sure, chances are that they offer the best protection altogether.

  • Front door

You always want a camera monitoring the front door. Do you know that 34% of burglars actually use this door for entering your home? Despite of this percentage, there are still some people out there who are installing the main camera on the eaves of the roof.

Installing the main CCTV camera on the second story is also a common choice for the two-story houses owners.

However, keep in mind that the best way to install the CCTV camera is around 7ft. up (don’t go any lower than that), pointing down at an angle. This type of positioning is going to help you better identify facial images. Considering that most burglars are using the front door for trespassing, installing the camera point down on them right from the beginning of the burgling is going to be highly efficient. No matter how tight you are on your budget, never compromise and install a front door camere supraveghere.

  • Windows

Going on with the statistics, it seems that 23% of burglars are going to break in using a first floor window, when it’s not possible for them to use the doors. Typically, the windows don’t face the streets and may even be at the back of your house. If that’s the case for your property, you should never skip installing CCTV cameras at your windows. An indoor CCTV camera placed on a table, that is very easy to notice, may also keep the burglars at bay. no matter how brave the burglar may be, no one wants to be caught on camera before even get into the house.

  • Side and back doors

As we mentioned previously, the doors are very tempting for the burglars so if the front door isn’t an option, the burglars are going to attempt to get into the house using the back or the side doors. 22% of the burglars are actually using the back doors for entering the house. Most of them are completely aware that the back doors aren’t typically secured as good as the front door. Any stranger snooping at the back door is a bit more suspicious than one sitting at the front door.

Long story short, the back door is the no.2 option for most burglars, so it’s obvious you also need to secure it with a CCTV camera. Install cameras that are completely weatherproof, able to take all sorts of outdoor conditions.

  • Garage

Even if it sounds incredible, 9% of the house burglars are going to use the garage to enter your home (as long as you have one). However, this is the last option for the burglars and they typically use it only if the front or the back doors are a “no limit” zone. Don’t forget to install CCTV cameras pointing your garage door, nevertheless.

Some useful tips

It’s fundamental to plan ahead so that you know exactly what your needs are and where are the best places for installing the cameras.

For instance, you’re going to want to install a wide angle camera for covering multiple points, eliminating the need for any other cameras. Keep in mind though that this type of cameras is great for covering larger areas, but don’t perform well for recording the details or facial images.

Lighting is something you never want to forget when installing a CCTV system. Too much light is going to cause reflection and ruing the recorded footage, whereas a camera with poor light, with no infrared ability is going to be completely useless.

Here are some numbers that may help you when deciding where to install your CCTV cameras:

  • 4% or the burglars may enter your property through the basement
  • 2% of break-in happen on the second story
  • 12% of burglars are using the unlocked entrances
  • 81% of break-ins happen on the first floor